Thursday, November 30, 2006

Okay. So it's been one month (minus a day) since we've moved to the Suburbs.
I loved living Downtown. I loved SAYING I lived Downtown. Because Once Upon a Time, I was a Young Hip Chick living in my 'Chickie Pad' in the Hip part of Town. For a few years, I used my location and space VERY well. I went out Dancing, Dining, Pubing, Coffee-shopping, Massage-ing, Pedicure-ing, Manicure-ing, Waxing, Threading, Retail Therapy-ing, Yoga-ing, On-line Dating to my hearts content.
And I was always 10 minutes from home.
The farthest I ventured was to work, 22 minutes Uptown.
I met Greg, and little by little all those Hip Chick Details fell by the Wayside. I still loved living downtown because it was convenient, but all those Single Girl things kinda stopped happening because I was happy being at Home with Greg. I guess I started Nesting.
But I still loved living downtown because I wasn't quite ready to let go of Hip Chick.
Then we started talking of moving.
And we talked some more.
So we sold.
And then we bought.
And now we live in the Suburbs.
We have trees all around us.
I can go places and park for free.
We turn the fan on at night---NOT to drown out the screams of the emergency vehicles, but to drown out the silence. That takes some getting used to.
We have a basement with cool furniture.
We can turn up the TV as loud as we want to.
I feel like a Grown Up...And I Live In The Suburbs!!!


Pez said...

LOL - Love it!
How's the couch?

Maria said...

It's tough to grow up, but the suburbs aren't all that bad and I bet it feels good to feel a little more settled.