Thursday, November 09, 2006

New House, Week One

We all survived the move last weekend and are now sitting amongst the same pile of boxes, but at a new venue. It was pretty stressful, but I only had a few minor little meltdowns, all of which happened at the condo shortly before closing the door for the final time.
The cats are VERY happy and are enjoying their indoor-outdoor digs. The house is awesome, however it seems like I am spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning and trying to get the stench of nicotine out of the walls, blinds, floors, windows etc. Just when I was thinking that things were starting to smell ok, the furnace kicked in and sent a new blast of nicotine vapours into the air. Mr Mao (silly cat) immediately ran to the heat register and plunked his skinny little self overtop of it. I think he thinks the heat feels good against his body, and I suppose maybe he even thinks he's trying to stop the stink, but all that he has succeeded in doing is saturating his fur with the stench. OK, I am exaggerating, but it has crossed my mind that he's gong to start to smell like an ashtray.
The neighbours are very nice, very friendly, and perhaps a little too familiar with my house. V, from next door popped by the other day and when I answered the door, she just opened it wider and let herself in! It did take be aback just a little bit. Then, there's Ignac who sits out on his porch all day but comes limping over the minute he sees some action in my driveway. Then there are the neighbours who do "slow-by's" trying to get a glimpse into the living room through our window. Some of them even wave.
Anyway, I am loving the house, it's great and we are settling in pretty good. My computer didn't survive the move so it'll be a while before I can get all caught up with all you NaMoPomers (sp?) but I'll be back soon.


kristi said...

Oh dear. Your poor kitties must be carrying around quite the stench.

I'm glad you're finally in and loving being a homeowner. Come back to blogging soon!

atpanda said...

HA! Sounds like our first house. We bought this special soap you use to scrub the walls and the liquid coming out was YELLOW. Ewe. Panting over the walls works too. And the neighbor thing... Yeah, our next door neighbor had been talking over the back wall to Ryan, which I didn't know, and I'm in the house painting when a strange man lets himself in the house and walks through SMOKING HIS CIGARETTE!

Pez said...

Ick on the stinky old heavy smoker smell. Hope it starts smelling fresher soon.

sher said...

I'm so sorry about the nicotine odor. My parents smoked a lot and it permeated eveything, even the presents they sent me! But, you'll get it taken care of. So glad the "kids" like it!

Bonnie PAP said...

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Maria said...

How wonderful that you are now in the new house. It sounds wonderful and your neighbors sound a little like mine. Maybe all neighborhoods are more alike than we realize.

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