Monday, October 23, 2006

The Eve of a New Life

I am just finishing off my 5th nightshift tonight. One night off, and then three more nights. I think I have now practically turned into a vampire, which is quite suitable for the Hallowe'en season just around the corner. This afternoon, Greg and I were talking about some cosmetic improvements we want to make to the house. I said "it'll be nice to get moved in and settled before the end of summer" whereupon Greg informed me that summer has officially been over for a month already. What???? Where have I been?
Summer is over. I guess it happened while I was working nights, I don't know...but, it's been kind of nice having an extended summer, even if it's only been in my foggy sleep deprived mind.
In between packing up a katrillion boxes, I have been planning a surprise baby shower for my friend Sal to take place next Saturday. Well...imagine my surprise when she called me late last night to say that she is at the hospital, her water has broken! Her due date was meant to be Nov 24 but she spent the better of yesterday thinking that she was peeing her pants until finally someone told her that she really should get checked out at the hospital. Sure enough, that little baby is intending to celebrate it's birthday a month early! Luckily the baby is estimated to be over 6 lbs already, so everything should be ok. They've induced her, and the Little One should be making an appearance any time now.
I ended up telling her about the shower because I figured we'd have to reschedule it, but she's thinking that SHE'S going to surprise everyone by showing up with the baby! That would be hilarious, but I think that she is underestimating how exhausted she's going to be.
As I am writing this post, Sal just called to let me know that things are moving slowly and it's still going to be a few hours. I am so excited for her!


Pez said...

I am so excited for Sal too! Please let me know what she has! I think it would be a great surprise if she shows up at the shower. Even if she cannot make it, don't cancel and just throw a party in her honour and deliver the gifts to her house the next day.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

my neice ended up having her baby the day before the shower and didn't get to attend it. At least she will be able to make it huh?