Saturday, August 26, 2006


This has been a roller-coaster of a week.
On Monday, we heard that there may be an offer coming in on the condo. (UP) It never happended. (DOWN)Then we heard that there were other's interested and perhaps we would be dealing with multiple offers. (UP)That, never happend. (DOWN)
On Tuesday, Kristi had her beautiful baby girl, Isabella Carmelina (what a beautiful name!) (UP, UP, UP!)
On Wednesday morning, my friend Paul ended his life. (DOWN, WAY DOWN) On Wednesday evening, we got a lowball offer on the condo, (SLIGHTLY UP)but still no firm sale by midnight. (DOWN)
On Thurday morning, negotiation for condo sale were on again. (UP) Then, we found out that MIL#2 spent the day in the Emergency Dept as she thought she was having a heart attack. (DOWN)Thankfully, it wasn't, but she had to wait all day to get the final results. (UP)
Thursday evening, the condo finally sold. (YES! You heard right...the condo has sold!) It went for a lower price than I had wanted, but I think it is a fair price. (UP, UP, UP!)
Friday, was a fairly neutral day.
Today, we started our house hunt. I feel a little desperate already, as we only have two months to find our new home. )(A LITTLE DOWN) In the afternoon, we went to the Toronto Humane Society. We are seriously thinking about adoption, and increasing the size of our family! (UP) But we realize that we need to investigate this a lot further. Most of the dogs seem to be Pitbulls, which we're not interested in. (Sorry Pitbull fans.) Next, we headed on over to Buskerfest which is taking place in our neighbourhood, and also did some veggie-shopping at the Farmer's Market. With my arms laden-full, didn't I go and trip over a crack in the side walk and fall ass-over-tits in front of about a billion people?! (DOWN!) Oh...what a way to end the week! I scraped the top of my foot, my knee, my elbow, and have wrenched my shoulder and the left side of my neck. What a glam-bag I am!
When we got home, I thought I'd read the paper (why did I skip ahead to the obits? Poor Paul...) I guess Mr. Mao thought he'd plunk his arse down so I couldn't read it and get upset all over didn't quite work...but what is it about cats that as soon as you open a newspaper, they have to sit on it and claim it as their own? Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?!?
Please head on over to Boolicious who is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this week. Boo is a food lover from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia who has many mouth-watering photos of Malaysian food, and is, of course, a fellow kitty-lover.
Thanks for hosting this week, Boo!
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