Saturday, May 27, 2006

WCB #51

Mr. Mao is the kind of cat that ALWAYS has something hanging off his nose. It is a combination of having an extraordinarily big schnoz for a cat, and also being incredibly nosy in general. For more weekend cat blogging, head on over to visit The Guest Kitty (A Lovely Red Abyssinian!)at Clare's .
Next weekend also marks the One Year Anniversary of Catblogging. So, make sure join in on the fun! It promises to be quite the par-tay!
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sher said...

I LOVE a big nosed cat. And that fits Mr. Mao perfectly. If he had a teeny nose it just wouldn't work withhis bone structure! :)

Clare Eats said...

I know all about having a kitty with his nose in EVERYTHING
I am suprised that Mao can still look so dignified with it hanging down there ;)