Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thanks for all the advice on the Pick Me! Letter. It has inspired me to use this tactic again, should the need arise.

A couple of funny things happened yesterday. I've been working nights, so I come home from work in the morning, sleep for a few hours and get up around 1pm. Greg took a vacation day yesterday as he had planned to check on the leaky trailer. Around 1:30, Greg's buddy from work stops by as he needed to go to the passport office which is down the block from us. As he walks through our door, he tells us that he just ran into someone in our elevator who he recognized, but couldn't place. Turns out that they attend the same wine tastings . This other man was in our building to check out an open house down the hall from us, he is a "Real Estate Agent." He asked if it would be ok to stop by our place in a few minutes. No problem.
So, a few minutes pass, and this short little man in a trenchcoat stops by and, in a thick, Italian accent, introduces himself as 'Jimmy.' He barely looks around our place, but for some reason spends an inordinate amount of time looking out of our window. Greg and I start talking about the parking lot, the church bells, the Yoga studio (brown bldg), when Jimmy Soprano mentions the restaurant called F.(front yellow bldg). He says he's never seen us there. It is on the Tip-of-my-Tongue to say something smart ass, like "Greg and I think the place is run as a cover for a Mafioso, we've never see anyone in there!" Instead, I say: "We've talked about going there, it's just been renovated." Jimmy Soprano then reaches inside his floor-length trenchcoat and brings out a flyer for the restaurant THAT HE OWNS!!! I nearly pooped myself! Thank god I managed to keep my big mouth appropriately shut! Jimmy invited us to come dine at his restaurant, and said "Call for a Reservation." I looked at the flyer, and just as I was thinking it, Jimmy says "There's no number on that. I don't know why they forgot to put it on." (Ba-da- Bing! Ya, well, I think know why...)

Speaking of which, has anyone caught Season 6 of the Sopranos where Tony is in the hospital? The attention to medical detail is impressive. Finally, someone has bothered to make it real! He truly looks like someone on Life Support.

The other funny thing that happened yesterday, was that Greg and I got lost on our way to the trailer. Sometimes we like to take the back roads and for fun we take a route that we've never taken before. Yesterday, we somehow managed to get lost, and ended up 2 minutes away from the Bible camp that Pez, Banana and I attended in our 'Tweens. We drove around aimlessly for a while, and then I suggested stopping to ask for directions, which, of course, Greg didn't want to do. We pulled into a Golf Course to turn around and there was a Beer Delivery guy just getting out of his truck. I took the opportunity to roll down the window.
"Excuse me? Do you know how to get to Fergus from here?"
"Nope, not from deese parts. But I tink, if youse go down ta da end of da drive, you can turn left, or right, or wonna da two."
Gee. Thanks Bud. So glad I asked!


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