Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Part One

It was Greg's birthday yesterday, so, the day before, in anticipation, I ventured to the local supermarket to buy ingredients to bake him a cake. (I've never made a cake before!)

So...Part One of the Tour of My Neighbourhood includes the walk to and from the Supermarket. One block south from where I live is The St. James Cathedral. It is an Anglican Cathedral and has it's beginning from the 1880's when Toronto was still known as The Town of York.
On the left is a picture taken the other day, and on the right is a pic taken last summer from the ajoining garden.

As I crossed the street, I thought I would include the streetcar. Toronto is the only city in Canada that still uses electric streetcars as part of their public transportation. (Let me tell's a pain the ass when you are stuck behind them in your car, and can't get around them!)
So then I made my way to the LCBO (Liqour Control Board of Ontario) to buy my sweetie-pie a really, really excellent bottle of wine. We had bought this bottle on V-day and it was absolutely, fabulously delicious! I'm hoping that you can all read the label, but if not, it is an Evans and Tate 2002 Shiraz from the Margaret Valley in Australia. It tastes like blackberry juice, and cherries, and chocolate, and vanilla and licorice....and....and...oh!!!!! IT'S JUST SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! (Ok, I realize that it's not a pic of the neighbourhood...but it might make the trip more fun!)

Across from the LCBO is the Farmer's market...which is closed everyday except Saturday. I like shopping there. Check out the mural...and then the historical marker... if you can't enlarge it, it basically says that the market was started in 1803 as a place for merchants to sell their produce and livestock
Beside the LCBO (which, btw, other than the Wine Rack, is the only place where us Ontarioans can by booze) is the St. Lawrence Market (pic was taken last summer, just in case you're thinking its tropical here and have planned a winter getaway!)
On my way home..I took a few more pics: Maybe you can see the CN Tower peeking out from behind the skycraper which is behind the Flatiron Building.

I turned North after I bought my groceries, and this was the view: From where I live, the church seems to be in almost all of the scenery. On Sundays, we like to open the window and we get to hear the bells, from theSt. James Cathedral to the south of us, from The Metropolitan United Church one block north, also from St. Michael's Cathedral two blocks north. It is quite the symphony!
A little futher on, and I was almost home again.
The site of my building (behind the sign!) is also an historical site. (*Note the streetlady in the photo. I swear that she stopped to see what I was doing, contemplated my groceries, but then settled on the stray hat that was lying on the ground.) The site once belonged to the York Mechanics' Institute who was part of the Industrial Revolution (anybody remember Grade 9 Canadian history?!)

So that's it...except I can tell you one more thing. On the main floor of my building is one of the yummiest Thai restaurants in the city...and they have take out!

OK. That is the 5 minute radius of my home. I hope it was a little bit interesting?

Next Part...I think I'll move West.

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