Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hats Off to Betty

Yesterday evening, just before I headed to work, I found a note taped to my door from Betty, Nat's wife. She was concerned because Nat had fallen and had a pretty bad scrape on his arm. So I headed on down the hall, polysporin in hand to see what I could do.
Nat has what in hospital-lingo is known as 'sun-down syndrome.' He sleeps during the day, and is up all night, wandering around, getting himself into trouble. Betty is exhausted trying to keep an eye on him.
Anyway, we got Nat all fixed up, and I stayed to chat for a little bit. Now, Alzheimers really is not funny. It is terribly sad. But in the time that I have known Nat, has said some pretty sweet things. And, sometimes I've had to try not to laugh.
As I was heading out their door, Nat asked if I had seen a picture of Betty's mother. "She is a lovely woman, you really must see the photographs that we have of her." Not wanting to be rude, I told him that I would love to see them. He shuffled off, shuffled back, and showed me two lovely photo's of...none other, than Queen Elizabeth II! Betty was rolling her eyes (it's funny to see a 78 year old woman roll her eyes!) but Nat was quite serious and asked if I saw the resemblance of these stunning woman. Surprisingly, when I took a closer look, Betty really DOES look like the Queen of England! Hmmm...I wonder...Betty...Elizabeth...could it be?! The resemblance is uncanny.