Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Uh-oh. It's just past midnight, and after tossing and turning for half an hour, and listening to Greg make happy sleep noises, I thought I'd come out here to catch up on some blogs. It wasn't my intention to add to my blog, but here I am.
We actually went to bed at 8:30 tonight, turned on American Idol, turned off the phone ringer in anticipation of an early night. At 10pm, we turned the tv off, and I thought to myself "Self, why don't you read a few more pages of The Time Travelers Wife? That'll put you to sleep, because you're already 120 pages in and still have NO CLUE as to how the author is keeping her story straight!"
So, now I'm on page 220, and things are starting to make a bit more sense. But if I were to continue reading, I know I will be up all night, because's starting to get good!
I do need to get to sleep, because not only am I keeping me up, I'm also keeping the kitties up. Mao wants to play fetch, and Dutchie keeps plunking her bum on the keyboard.
It's been an uneventful few days...can you tell?!

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