Sunday, January 01, 2006

I have to say...Jan 1 is always a good day.
There are no resolutions on this day that I have to keep.
For the past 4 New Years, Greg and I have had friends over, and at midnight we all head up to the roof.
Last night, there was 4 inches of snow, the cathedrals and churches in the neighbourhood were chiming, and we could hear fireworks in the distance.
We toasted each other with champagne (aka sparkling wine) took some photos and enjoyed the moment.
Because, really, New Years is a moment in time.
This time, last year, I was still single. Living with someone, but still calling him a Boyfriend. This time, this year, I'm married.
This time, last year, I was just getting used to the idea that I would never have children of my own. This time, this year, I'm still gettting used to the idea.
This time, last year, I had just started a new job. This time, this year, I'm switching the new job up a bit and will be working some night shifts.

Jan 1, is the Limbo day.

The tree comes down. (this year it was wrapped in Saran wrap)
We finish off the already opened bottles of wine, and our meals consist of yesterday's hors d'oeuves.
We watch girly movies ...Mean Girls and Titanic

Go to bed. That's it.
Is a New Year.

Take a deep breath.


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