Thursday, January 19, 2006

The first meeting of the book club was fun. I was a little disappointed that not as many people showed up as I'd hoped, but I hopwfully, next month there will be a better turn out. Otherwise, we'll just have to do some juggling and find more interested members. Last night was mainly just about getting to know one another a wee bit, and not quite so much about the book. The main thing, is that it got a few women together, out of the house, and we should all get a little something out of it. I have always loved to read, and over the past few years have read fewer and fewer books. I want to get into reading again.
Next month's book is called "Crow Lake" by Mary Lawsen. March's book is called "Their Eyes were Watching God" by Zora Neale Watson.
I'm really looking forward to this!

Tonight, was also a first for Greg and I. We had date night, although it was not planned. For years, even before I met Greg, I had wanted to go skating at City Hall. Actually, I would have gone skating anywhere, I just REALLY wanted to try it again. Last winter 2-4 gave me some skates, that were her 3rd ex-husbands-sisters' skates (or something like that!) But they fit, so I took them. Two nights ago, Greg came home with skates of his own, and he had had my brand-new-used skates sharpened!
Tonight, we went to Nathan Philips Square at City Hall after work and went skating! Now, it has been at least 25 years since Pez, Banana, and I used to skating at the local arena. Needless to say, it only took about 2 shaky spins around the rink to get horrible shin-splints, and I did have to hold on to Greg's hand for dear life! But Damn! I had fun! We both had fun! I really hope that we do this again. I'd really like to get that triple-axle perfected.

Afterwards, we went to the local pub, had a few pints and dinner. (I had a Southwestern chicken salad) Salad and beer...Yummmm!
What a fun night...