Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

The past few years, I have opted not to have any New Year's Resolutions. This a different story. I have a list.

1: Stop talking about losing weight, and actually lose weight! Back to WW. Again. (12th time? 13th? I've lost track) Nevermind, this time, I'm motivated. Really! I was stopped by Global news the other day and was asked a few questions about a recent shooting in the area. I was on the 5:30 news, and I was GINORMOUS! My head was the size of the Great Pumpkin. This time, Greg will also be doing WW with me.
2: Back to Bikram Yoga. My back has been killing me, I need to exercise. No more excuses.
3: I'm starting up a book club, first meeting is on January 18th. The book is 'Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons,' a good book to start with, I think.
4: Ease up on the wine intake. I've been overindulging this year. Too many cozy nights in front of the tv.
5: Make more of an effort to hook up with friends.
6: Go to Berlin with Greg. (I don't think our honeymoon was long enough.)
7: Get financially smart. Figure out a budget.
8: Clean out the laundry room.
9: Go ice skating.
10: Keep above resolutions.

Did you make any relsolutions this year?


Plain Jane said...

I haven't stopped long enough to write mine out this year but your #7 is definitely gonna be there on my list too!

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