Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Cheer

'Tis the Season for parties!
Friday night Greg and I went to the annual Christmas dinner hosted by my friends Kevin and Jeffrey. It is always a hilarious time with good food and plenty of wine, and is usually early enough in December that it is the start of everyone's Christmas Cheer. Kevin decorates his Victorian Rowhouse beautifully and cooks a fantastic feast. We have been doing this dinner tradition now for about 10 years, and it's an interesting group of people.
It started out, I believe, as a get together for a group of us who had been to Saudi together. Over the years the core group has always remained the same, but every year there seem to be a slight guest shuffle. These guests, invariably, include ex-boyfriends and their new boyfriends, and this year, a couple of new husbands. Greg is usually the only straight man there, and while he could be a little more Metrosexual, he thankfully is not a redneck and not even a little homophobic. He gets right in there with the kissies on the cheek and the sassy innuendos that fly round the room!
Jeffrey is the comedian of the group, a professional chef who at one time was an opera singer.
Kevin is a walking-talking encyclopedia and a natural athlete. I once had the pleasure of watching him do a perfect swan-dive off a yacht into the Aegean Sea. (He actually looks good in a Speedo!) There is nothing that Kevin can't do. Need a sweater knitted? Need a wall moved a foot to the left? Need a barn raised? Need to bake a Black forest cake? Kevin is your guy!
Norm is a naturally happy man who I'm sure, has a friend in every country around the world. When Norm has a thimbleful of alcohol he bends over in laughter, clutching at his pearls (his invisible necklace!)
Steve is Kevin's Ex, and was there this year with his new Boy-Toy who is even younger then last years' Boy-Toy. Everyone loves the new Boy-Toy. He is the baby of the group, 2o years younger than Steve. He may be a Boy-Toy, but he has an Old Soul. A good catch, and there was plenty of lovin' in the air!
Jose is Jeffrey's Ex and was also there with his new BF. Who looks like his twin. Jose and....um...Jose!
Please note: the ladies of the group never invite their Ex's. Out with the old...in with the new!
Sharona was there with her new Hubby, who IS a Metrosexual, but was maybe also a little ill at ease as it was his first party with the Group. It took only 10 minutes for him to be as cozy as the rest of us.
Ali, Sal and I rounded out the group this year. Notably absent was KD, who couldn't make the trek from Montreal this year (but who did make it to Vegas!)


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