Thursday, September 22, 2005

What's up with Rita? Bitch.

OK, I JUST posted Bookmarks (see posting below) and feel that I have to share this experience with you.
While I was working on Bookmarks, the local news was on. They were talking about how there were gunshots at a Hamilton gas station this evening. Gas had more than DOUBLED in the time that people in line were waiting! This was Breaking News. (Hamilton is about 60kms from Toronto) They were selling gas at $2.15 per litre!
I jokingly said to Greg that maybe we should go out and get some gas tonight, rather than wait, because the tank was on empty.
So. Mark this moment.
Greg actually said, that we really should go and get gas, because if it really DID double, we should think twice about going to the trailer!
So, at 23:18 I found myself in the car with Greg scoping nearby gas stations. I honestly can never remember doing this before in my whole life. Going out at midnight in anticipation of a wild price increase in the morning! Craaa-zy!
We found gas for $104.3 per Litre. (This is STILL 25 cents more expensive than it was a month ago)
I'll be curious to see what it is tomorrow.

Rita is to blame for this.
Please...please let the rise in gas prices be the biggest price people have to pay.


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