Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Telephone Line...

Has it ever happened to you that you say something to someone that seems reletively harmless, and the next thing the whole world seems to know about it?
Jeeeez! Last night I was talking to Greg's mom on the phone and the topic of the flight to Vegas came up. Now, I'll admit, living in Toronto and flying out of Buffalo is a royal pain in the ass. Especially since we live 15 minutes from Pearson Airport. But Greg's step-mother is a travel agent, and she put this deal together for us, and she is paying for our flights as a wedding gift, for which I am very grateful. All I said to Greg's mom last night was that it is a pain in the ass, and I'm glad that other friends who are coming to Vegas booked their own flights over the Internet. They are all flying out of Toronto and staying in the same hotel for the same price or less.
This morning, Greg's sister called first thing. "I was talking to mom last night and she told me that Ramona is REALLY upset over this flight." OH BROTHER...I am not REALLY upset!
I think I am really going to have to be careful with every little word that comes out of my mouth. Greg's mom has been carrying a 20 year grudge against the step-mom and without thinking, I gave her fuel for fire!
What the hell was I thinking??? The last thing I want to do is get caught in the crossfire.

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