Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Playing Tag...

I'm IT! Geez, it's been at least 30 years since I've been IT in a game of Tag, and for the first time I've been tagged in a Meme by Kristi over at Interrupted Wanderlust

This meme is a way to introduce others to your blog neighbors, just as you would in real life. I'll answer the questions, and tag four others who frequent my blog to answer the same ones. If I tag you, just copy and paste this meme in your blog, and change the answers for the bolded questions. Then, tag four others to do the same. If I tag you and you don't want to be tagged, it's no big deal...
Here are four people I think may be interested in playing:Tag! You're IT!
Denine from Blahg
Maria from Silver Fox Whispers
Donna from Words to Live By
Ericsgurl from The Phantom of the Opera

Here are the questions:
When did you move to the neighborhood?
I've only been blogging since February 2005. My dear friend Pez and I were talking on the phone and she confided in my that she had one. I had no idea what she was talking about so she explained it all to me and has helped me along. She told me how to get a blogskin, how to add the pretty picture of Kross-Eyed Kitty, how to change colours, and lately how to link. (Because I only JUST learned how to do that last week!) Initially, I had no idea what I was going to write about, it really just started out as a diary of daily happenings and ventings. I've discovered that I really enjoy writing my thoughts down and quite often make myself think differently about things that I was intially upset about.
I moved to downtown Toronto about 5 years ago.

What region of the neighbourhood are you from?
Just generic blogging, no particular theme!

I was born in Berlin, Germany and immigrated to Toronto, Canada with my parents when I was two. I was raised in the suburbs and moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 26. Went back and forth to the Middle East until I finally settled back home when I was 34. Home is, and likely always will be, Toronto. I absolutely love to travel, but for me, there is nothing like flying over Toronto and knowing that it is where I belong.

What is your favourite part of the neighbourhood?
Just getting things out of my head and seeing the words and pictures on my site makes me happy. Its become quite the hobby for me. I'm enjoying thinking about funny stories that happened in the past and even when I'm venting about things that are going on in my life right now, I get great satisfaction out of reading my thoughts. And, of course, I enjoy the comments and advice I've been getting!
My favourite part of living downtown, is that the area I live in really is a community, and I know my neighbours, which is probably unusual for such a metropolitan place.

What is your favourite place to visit around these parts?Initially, when I started blogging, I was dealing with Infertility issues. I had just found out that the only option I had to conceive a child would through donor egg adoption. Months earlier, I had met Donna Words to Live By through a forum that she led that dealt with Infertility Issues. I admired how she was dealing with her own issues, the positive encouragement she gave to others and discovered that she also had a blog. I spent my earlier days reading the blogs of women who were having similar issues. From there, I started reading blogs that were about a variety of other topics. I do my fare share of blogstalking and have found many interesting people through Michele's weekend Meet n' Greet. I love knowing and connecting with people of all ages all over the world. It gives me new things to think about.
My favourite place to visit in my community is The St. Lawrence Market On Sundays there is also an antique market in the North Market building.

Where would you suggest someone new to your region should visit?
All the Blog sites listed on the left sidebar are wonderful! Check them all out. Each and every one has something unique to offer.
Toronto is a wonderful city. There are so many interesting things to do, especially in the summer. Street festivals every weekend celebrating that particular 'village.' Toronto is probably the most extreme multicultural city in Canada. You can travel around the world and never leave the city!

Don't forget, the purpose of this meme is to meet new neighbors, so be sure to check out some of the blogs mentioned here!


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