Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer in the City


This has been one helluva hot summer so far. (Click on Pic.)The kind of summer we used to have when I was a kid.
The kind of summer where the 90-year-old Greek knife-sharpening man would clang his bell along the suburban blocks, the Dickiedee ice-creme kid on their frozen tricycle would bike along the streets ringing their bell (the bells were distinctly different!), kids would have lemonade stands, we'd go to Becker's and buy Lola's for 15 cents or Popsicles for 5 cents (I liked lime or cherry.)
I'd go to summer camp: when I was younger, I would bring home jars of minnows or caterpillars--- depending on the catch of the day. When I was a bit older, I'd be a Tommy's Angel and experience popularity for the first time in my life.
I'd go roller-skating to Disco Music (Born to be Alive!) and play 500 games of gin-rummy and be made fun of by my best friend's sister when Donna Summer and I sang "Hey, Hey... I will Survive!"
And it was hot in the middle of the night . The racoons would skitter across the roof at night, and there would always be a clumsy Junebug or dusty Moth banging against the window, trying to get in, and I would wish it away. 'Please, please, oh please don't come in to my room!" And cry for help when it eventully got in.
And the fan blowed on.
That is the kind of summer we are having.