Sunday, July 03, 2005

Canada Day Long Weekend

Red at Night, Sailor's Delight!

We drove up to the trailer last Thursday night, and I took this photo when we were just about there. The sky was unbelievably beautiful, and I can't remember the last time I saw it this particular shade of scarlet.
I wish that I could take a picture of just how crystal clear the night is up North, and how many jazillion stars there are when the sky finally fades from red to black. Pitch black. The only light is from campfires and patio lanterns. Somehow the nights seem so magical there, the smell of the fire, the sounds of the crickets in the nearby fields, the wind as it blows throught the pines.
On Canada Day, the fireworks were cancelled as it was too windy. Greg and I took a walk through the park that night, admiring people's lights and listening to the occasional campfire song. We made our way to the beach and as we sat there, we were treated to four little girls playing with sparklers. They were running along the beach, barefoot and in their nighties, making big circles with their arms, giggling and having so much fun! I overheard one of the girls say to her friends "Let's pretend they are fireflies!" How innocent and charming this moment was...I sat there mesmirized, the tears pricking at my eyes!
It really was one of those magical moments, caught in time.

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