Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The tale of the drunk keyboard...

Ahem. So, apparently when you spill a full glass of white wine on to your keyboard (while trying to juggle a very chubby tabby cat on your lap) it fries the keyboard such that it is left in a state whereby it can never be used again.
First, I tipped the keyboard upside down, and poured the spilled glass of wine all over my desk (also probably not the smartest thing to do, as Dutchie also had a tiny bit of a white wine bath!) I tried the keys, and the only letter that would consistently print out was 'C'. So, then I thought...hmmm...it must still be wet inside! So I searched and searched until I found the right screw driver thingy (because the butter knife wouldn't work on a star shaped screw)
I took the whole thing apart, then thought to myself "Self. Let's Blow-Dry the innerds of this keyboard thingy!" So, that's what I did.
Then I painstakingly put the whole damn thing together again, pressed the keys, only this time I didn't even get a 'C'. This time I got 'No Response.' The desperate hour of CPR I did to the keyboard simply didn't work! I had to terminate all efforts! OMG! How would I break this news to Greg?!
My poor, beautiful, ergonimically correct keyboard no longer exists.
I should be grateful, Greg was able to bring one home from work that he got for free. But, jeez...you should see this thing! It's all grimey and grubby from all the men with their big sausage fingers rubbing their germs all over it! Some of the keys are so dirty I can barely read the letters!
But I was so desperate to blog something, that I have to remember that beggars can't be choosers.
I will scrub this keyboard for now and make it shiney clean, before heading to the store to buy a new one. Let this be a lesson learned....................................
From now on, the wine glass has to be on the OTHER side of the keyboard!


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