Monday, June 13, 2005

The cake is on FIRE!!!

Ever wonder what 40 candles look like on a cake?! It's a fireball!

I had the most wonderful party thrown for my on Saturday night by Salena. There were about 20 friends there, one had even flown in from Italy (OK he was there on vacation and it was his last day, but he was so jetlagged.) It was a beautiful, hot evening and Salena went to great lengths to make sure everything was just perfect. She is a regular Marfa Stewart, only with out the ankle bracelet! She had patio lanterns, tikki lights, her fiance, Robert, had grown luscious grass in the backyard (he was quite proud of that!) The ambiance was incredible! There was a margherita bar, wine, you name it. The appetizers were scrumptious and really looked too pretty to eat. Everybody was impressed how artistic and beautifully they were put together. I brought along my special German Pickle Potato Salad, and also Pez's mom's Anti-Vampire Coleslaw. (I might have put in too much garlic...a whole bulb, right?) Then we had souvlaki with tzatziki (more garlic) and Caesar Salad. Need I say more? There were definitely no vampires running about! Fruit skewers and a gorgeous Chocolate Velvet Birthday Cake made by Salena. And 40 Candles...which I blew out in one big blow! I won't tell you what I wished for, but I think it's coming soon! ;)
I've had a fantastic week, thanks to my family and all of my friends, near and far.
I'm very lucky to have such great people in my life.