Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

It's Good Friday, and I'm at work. I can't really complain, I only work 1 out of 6 weekends, it's just that my weekend happens to fall on a long weekend. Oh well. I woke up very easily this morning, which is unusual, and because i'm not tired, the day has actually started out ok.
I remember this weekend 2 years ago when the city was quarantined due to SARS. Greg and I had a weekend of family dinners planned, and I was stuck at home on quarantine. It was really a bad time. Greg was a doll though and made sure that I had groceries and enough wine to get through the weekend. Other friends were also great, bringing me chocolate bunnies, movies, magazines, and of It almost seemed like every time I got a phone call, someone would be on the other line telling me to open my door, that they'd left something there for me. I was really lucky, and grateful to have such good friends. But, never, ever would I want to relive that frightening time. We spent weeks not really knowing if we were being adequately protected at work. 7 staff members were infected with SARS, and we were all afraid that we'd also catch it. I came home many nights stressed out and crying. I think, for me, the worst day was when the CDC came up from Atlanta to do testing throughout the ICU. They showed up wearing space suits, and the nurses were all standing around staring at each other with our flimsy little N95 masks, safety goggles and yellow gowns. At the time, it felt like doomsday had arrived.
Well, to make a long story short, the 7 staff members all survived, and no one else from work got sick. But honestly, it was such a disaster and a horrible experience. Imagine picking up a deadly disease while you are busy doing your job, trying to save another's life.
Anyway, that is my little memorial to two years ago. Today, work is much better, and things are pretty much back to normal. The government is making hospital cuts again, soon there will be nursing job shortages, and the cycle will start again. Ontario nurses have been working without a contract now for over a year. While we were the front line in taking care of the sick despite our own fear of becoming ill, the government seems to have forgotten, because the crisis no longer exists.

On a completely different note (and much more upbeat!), I'm heading to Vegas, Baby! Our flights and hotel have been booked for the weekend of April 15. Denine, Leah Ann and I have not been on a vacation together since we were 13 at Camp Edgewood, a Lutheran Bible Camp! I am so looking forward to this trip, it'll be a great kickstart to starting the 40th birthday celebrations (never mind that L's and my birthday aren't until June!)
Well, it's 8:35am, and I think I will now tackle my taxes before the first patient comes rolling out the OR.

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