Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday today...althought after last night's festivities it feels more like New Year's Day. Ingrid got LOADED and hit on was hilarious! What wasn't hilarious is her obvious opinion of me. She just can't leave her criticisms at home. She sees it as "Just being Honest" I think that she should just bite her tongue. I really don't know why she dislikes me so much...and yet she constantly wants me to spend time with her. Doesn't she get it, that hanging around with her doesn't necessarily make me feel good about myself? Obviously, not.
Greggy-boy is hung-over and just crawled out of bed a little while ago. He has now made it to the couch. We leave for Paul and MaryAnne's in a little while to gear up for Superbowl.
I got peanut-butter all over the remote so I thought I would wash it. I think I might have ruined it now...Greg, I'm sure, thinks I'm a bit nuts.