Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pupsie Doosie and Pupsie Doosie Twosie

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of my babies. Remember how little Laila was when we first got her? She was all of 8lbs and smaller than the cats. She used to love to sleep in the cat baskets in the window and although she is now the same size as Buddy, she somehow still manages to sqeeze herself in! She is a funny little thing and has quirky ears...I guess it's her party-trick. One day her left ear will be pointing straight up, the next her right ear, and then she'll be in the mood where they are both up. Lately she prefers just to have her right ear at attention. We are lucky in that all of our pets get along so well. Buddy and Laila are best of friends and they are always side by side. Wherever Buddy goes, Laila is not too far behind. In fact, usually she is hanging on to his collar so we won't run too far ahead.
They have a ton of nicknames, but they often get Pupsie Doosie and Pupsie Doosie Twosie. No idea how I thought this up. It just happened.
For a bigger pic, click!

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Donna said...

They look like the best of friends, thanks for sharing!

Pez said...


moon said...

OMG too cute!! my husband even got a good chuckle at him just barely fitting in that basket now lol...I also love how cuddled up the two are, I love when my dogs are all curled up together..I dont think we get enough of seeing our dogs do almost anything lol

eda said...