Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Friends Again

...with my mom, for the time being.
This week has been much less stressful.
Two-Four has stopped relaying the "how she found out about the wedding, and really she's happy, even though Ramona didn't think so in the beginning" to every Trailer Park Parker. She is now relaying where "she was during the Tornado that hit Fergus last weekend." Actually, that was pretty scary, as the F2 Tornado touched ground about a kilometre from the park. It cut the power for over 24 hours as hydro lines were knocked out by trees, but that was all part of the adventure. Greg and I were not at the park, we arrived 2 hours later oblivious to what had happened. Denise, really was visibly shaken, and luckily she was safe, but it did give her an excuse to buy another case of beer. Tornados are not really that common in our neck of the woods, but it HAS been a crazy-weather kind of summer.
Things with MIL2 are also smoothed over, no worries.
I have booked the restaurant in Las Vegas for our wedding dinner. My mom is happy about it, and I have asked her to help with figuring out the menu, and what flowers I should get for my bouquet and for the dinner tables. She had red roses and freesia. Guess what I'll be getting?! (Because why would I get anything else, when my mom's bouquet was already the best?!)
OK. That sounded a little passive aggressive, didn't it?
Maybe I really AM my mother's daughter?!